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Holojam lets mobile app publishers deliver highly engaging augmented reality experiences.  Our embeddable software dynamically generates and animates content upon user interaction.

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Smart rigging

Our Autotoon skeletons can be applied to virtually any existing 3D model.

Behind the scenes, a synthesis of AI and procedural animation brings the characters to life.

This allows our software to create interactive "live performances" that can be uniquely targeted to each customer.

Flexible control

Our physics-based procedural animations are easily tuned by artists or controlled programmatically.

Hundreds of parameters that ordinarily would have to be locked in ahead of time by a 3D animator are generated at run-time to create believable body language and behavior.

Award winning results

Our system has powered award-winning AR / VR experiences that have blended 3D graphics over the physical world in ways never before possible.

Ready to integrate

Our technology can work seamlessly within your existing mobile app or platform. Contact us today for a demo.


Eliminates the production complexity and rigidity of motion capture and key-frame animations.


Now 3D animated content can be modified and optimized as easily as online text-based ads.


Since animations are generated at run-time, content can react naturally to user interaction.

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